New Teeth!

My teeth have always been a larger self conscious sore spot then I have ever let on.  And that statement should really put things into perspective for people like my parents and husband who can probably count on one hand (COMBINED between the three of them) how many times they have ever seen me without my retainer because I make it clear that I’m self conscious about it.  And for those of you who don’t know, I lost my two front teeth when I was 15 and have been wearing a retainer with fake teeth in it since (do the math- almost 13 years of retainer).

Last year Angel and I started saving up and making plans for the multiple oral surgeries that were involved in getting rid of my retainer.  2 surgeries, 3 dental procedures, and countless x-rays and consultations later, I have two pins in my jaw bone with holes on the end that crowns screw into.

This morning I went into the dentist and traded my ill-fitting retainer in for a pair of lovely, temporary crowns screwed into my jaw bone.  Retainer be gone!!!  They look amazing.  Ah-maz-ing.  Seriously.

I go back after baby Rivas is born to trade these plastic, beautiful, crowns in for a pair of even more beautiful porcelain ones and 4 veneers on the surrounding teeth and then I am DONE with the teeth conversation FOREVER and I will be sporting the most beautiful teeth ever.

It’s only been about an hour of New Teeth Christina, and I can’t stop smiling and looking in mirrors and shiny surfaces.  All of my teeth now are the same size, and when I smile it doesn’t look like I have 2 teeth that clearly don’t fit in.  I can eat without food getting caught in my retainer, and I can stop worrying that something horrible is going to happen to this retainer when the final pin breaks and it doesn’t stay in my mouth anymore.

May I never need another oral surgery again. And may the phrase “Let’s take a look at your teeth” never end in “Take this pain medication every 4 hours and ice until the swelling goes down” again.  I will scream at any dentist from here on out who does anything other than clean my teeth and you will have to drug me and drag me into an oral surgeon.  You’ve now all been warned.

Don’t take your teeth for granted.

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