First Baby Boy Purchase

Angel and I celebrated our new baby boy last night by taking a stroll through the cool, air conditioned mall in search of a few clothes.


First stop: The Disney Store for the Mickey Mouse onesie that we saw in San Fran but didn’t want to get because we didn’t know if we were having a son or daughter yet.  I made Angel promise that he would take me to the Disney Store in our mall when we found out, and he’s a man of his word.  Unfortunately, the store didn’t have them in stock, so we have to order online:


Next stop: Baby Gap (which is attached to Gap Maternity and they were having a sale on my FAVORITE maternity tank tops that I wanted to pick up a few more of).  We ended up strolling through the infant clothes and got the cutest, but most impractical outfit for our first family photos that I’ve already made Angel promise we could take this winter:

What baby doesn’t need a blue plaid button down onesie and khaki pants?

Final stop: Carters.  Okay, I’ve never been here before but I have heard so many good things about it and when someone at work forwarded me an email about their semi-annual sale that they were having, Angel and I decided to see what the whole fuss was about.  Plus, it was right next to the mall and my body was still letting me walk.  So let’s walk!  We didn’t go nuts because we know that people love to buy baby clothes by the truck load as gifts, but here’s the best thing about Carters: they have the most amazing return policy.  As long as the tag is on and you have the receipt, you can return it ANYTIME.  12 months later?  No problem!  So we stocked up on some things we thought were cute and have them hanging in the closet until we know that we’ll need them.  I’ll just return what baby outgrows before we have time to use.  So we now have 20 outfits ranging from newborn to 3 months.  Including the outfit that Angel and I want to bring baby Rivas home from the hospital in (again, not practical, but I swear this was the second and last one of these that we purchased that’s intended for a “special occasion”  Everything else is a boring sleeper with full length zippers and snaps):

As a rule of thumb: lime green elephants and strips are always adorable…. always.

I think it’s safe to say that the Rivas household is very excited for this baby boy!!

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