15 Weeks and Still Puking (ugh)

Well, it’s official.  I AM indeed half-assing this trimester.  I was 15 weeks on Sunday and I celebrated by finally sleeping in past 6am (it’s the small things in life, people) followed by laying on the couch and refusing to do any house work and giving Angel the stink eye if he looked like he was about to mention my laziness.  “I MADE A HUMAN TODAY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”  But, the boy was smart and just asked instead if my lemonade needed a refill. Aww!  So sweet.

This is probably an excellent time to point out that my hormones appear to be on the world’s most ridiculous roller coaster.   My doctor asked a few weeks ago if I had mood swings yet and I proudly said “nope!” Followed 12 hours later by me bursting into tears at work when Angel asked me what time I can take my car to the dealership to trade in.  To which he then became extremely concerned that I didn’t like the car that we were purchasing and me spending the better part of the morning trying to explain that I just really loved my EOS convertible and “wanted to see it go to a good home.” (insert husband’s confused face here)

Angel told me it was probably a good thing that I never had to consider child adoption because he questioned my capacity to handle it.  Fair point.

Pregnancy books say that this week my baby is the size of a… wait for it…. beefsteak tomato!  It was just too good to make up my own.  I recommend that you all go to your local grocer and ask for a beefsteak tomato and wait for the young boy to ask you what that is.  I am resisting the urge to go pinch some produce as I type this.

The baby can also apparently sense light and pressure so I’ve gotten a jump start on annoying the crap out of our kid and shining a flashlight on my tummy and Angel asked me if that was mean.  We clearly have some different parenting styles to hammer out in the next 5 months.

On a serious note, Angel was so proud to paint the nursery (though he wouldn’t admit it).  My brother and sister-in-law offered a couple of times to come help paint since I couldn’t and Angel was always quick to say “well I don’t mind.”  So far he’s taken down wallpaper, repaired walls, primed, and painted the sage green on top:

the sun was setting when I took this, so take my word for it that the green is more sage and less angry army.

Yesterday he went to Home Depot to get more paint supplies so that he can finish it off.

My pregnant coworker put the fear of God in my eyes today at lunch when she told me about registering for their bundle of joy.  Angel and I decided that we were going to wait 2 more weeks to see if we’re having a boy or a girl before we register but my coworker explained the 5 hour horror that was registering as a first time parent.  I made fun of her for taking so long and she told me that the employee at Buy Buy Baby said the average is about 4 hours.  So she recommended that we start now and update when we know the sex of the baby.

I brought this up to Angel and braced myself for impact (he famously decided 5 minutes into the wedding registry that I have authority to just decide what we need).  I even told him that I can get started online and then we can just swing through the store to make sure there’s nothing he wants to add and I was completely surprised by his reaction: “You didn’t start it already without me, did you??!!” like it was the worst thing I could have suggested.  I said it could take 4-5 hours so maybe we should start now and split it up into a couple of trips and he was like “Maybe we can go Saturday since we aren’t doing anything.”

I always knew that Angel was so excited to be a dad, but it’s extremely adorable to me the way in which he shows it while trying to seem so casual and nonchalant.

These are tears of hormones (alright, and maybe a little love for the guy).

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