14 Weeks and Counting

I really feel like I’ve started half-assing this trimester of pregnancy.  I’m writing about being 14 weeks pregnant today, but that’s about 4 days late and a few dollars shorter.  I’ve also forgotten to take my prenatal vitamin more days then I would like to openly admit and I think I ate healthier before I was knocked up.  But you know what?  I’m doing my best and I have faith that that’s going to be enough…  Until my kid blames his C in Algebra on the Tuesday I forgot to take my prenatal vitamin while he was 14 weeks in my belly.  And you know what I’ll say then? “You’re Welcome.”


So let’s get on with it because I know all of you non-pregnant readers are just dying to know how miserable I’ve been this week.


So my baby is 3 1/2 inches long.  That’s about the size of a fist, unless you have giant man hands and then it’s about the size of my fist.  Take that.  I’m also starting to notice a decrease in the crap symptoms from the first trimester.  Except for morning sickness because DEAR GOD let’s not let that one go anywhere.  I don’t, however, feel liked warmed over ass 100% of the time anymore.  It’s only about 43% of the time now.  ‘Tis a pregnancy miracle!


That’s about it.  I have a little more energy but I can’t venture too far from my bathroom still.  Do I have the “glow” yet?  Oh no, that’s just the sweat from trying to shove my giant ass into my jeans before work this morning in a move I acquired from the WWE.  You know what else doesn’t look right?  My shirt.  It’s like “aww!  Cute carb belly, but geeze hit the gym from time to time.”




You know what else we’ve been doing?  Everything baby!  We said all along that we were going to wait until the second trimester before we started really planning for baby, and I feel like we really took off running.  We were declared second trimester last Monday, purchased a car last Tuesday, cleaned out the garage for future baby storage on Saturday and started painted the nursery on Sunday.


We also broke down and hired house cleaners, whom I love, who are coming today.  You know why house cleaning day is so wonderful?  I never come home to work when Angel’s been there to a clean house.  Love

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