Second Trimester Bliss

Yesterday I went in for my 12 week appointment (even though I’m actually 13), and I have to say that it was probably the best yet!  We heard the heartbeat for the first time (we’ve only ever seen it thus far), got the due date moved up 2 days (November 25th now!!), and was officially declared second trimester.  When I asked what that meant about miscarriage risks now, his answer was “there’s always a risk, but you’re going to deliver this baby.”  Further proof that it’s okay to keep calling this one our “take home baby.”

And because I can’t shut up about my pregnancy and this is the internet so I’d like to see someone try and stop me, I’m going to further talk the talk.

I can’t stand the stupid bean and fruit comparisons: “This week your baby is the size of a kidney bean!” “This week your baby is the size of a small plum!”  So I’m going to make up my own yummy craving-inducing comparisons.  Starting now.  This week my baby is the size of a jumbo shrimp (mmmmmm), or a very small ramekin of tartar sauce.  I’m also growing amazing, gorgeous, strong nails like a super hero.  I see 6 more months of manicures in my future to show these puppies off.

Most pregnancy books still call week 13 part of the first trimester, but they can suck eggs, frankly.  They also say that maternity clothes may just start to make an appearance this week, which I find funny because I’ve been wearing maternity pants for at least 2 weeks now.  I decided that my baby shouldn’t be confined to restricting waist bands just because some book tells me so.

You know what else I’ve learned?  Step away from Google, crazy lady.

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