How Many Shows Does It Take To Make A Kardashian Relevant?

After last weekend’s amazingness, I’ve spent this weekend being productive from the confines of my house.  Leaving to pick up pants from the alterations lady and go to the grocery store took some serious thought and a small pep talk.


I cleaned my house.  I made homemade guacamole just because I could.  I mopped the floors.  I don’t know if you all understand how rare that is so I’ll say it again: I mopped the floors.  I ran my errands, finished up some work work (because I’m being audited and that’s lovely), and now I’m rounding the bases by sitting on my futon, having never changed out of last night’s pajamas, watching the Kardashian marathon.


Molly greets you all by snoring next to me so loudly that I keep turning up the TV just to hear.


A quiet weekend is clearly what we all needed.


And then Angel slid down the stairs and possibly sprained his ankle.

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