Diaper Cakes

Like I said below, I have been enjoying finding creative outlets for myself lately.  One of the more fun ones has been making diaper cakes for my seemingly endless supply of pregnant friends.  Ladies- stop drinking the water.

One of my good friends is bidding farewell to Arizona so that she can go deliver her spawn closer to family.  Since she’s been the most supportive of my diaper cake side business (aside from my awesome husband who finally convinced me to sell them), I naturally had to make her a cake for her going away.

"This was by far the best one you have done!"

Laura, you will be missed and I require you to bring Kyle and baby Hailey back at least once a year.

P.S. I packed extra baby caps inside the diaper cake so that you can cover your baby’s cone head before you start snapping away with the camera.  You’ll thank me for that some day.

2 thoughts on “Diaper Cakes

  1. Amanda

    You’re diaper cakes are AMAZING! They are by far some of the best I have seen. I go to craft shows with my Mom and Grandma and every time I see a diaper cake I say, “Oh, I have seen so much better. My friends are awesome!” Just wanted you to know! I’m so glad you are selling them.
    And it does seem like everyone is having babies and I can assure you, after my month long stay in the labor and delivery ICU, I will NOT be drinking the water! I am done with procreating. 🙂 YAY!


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